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Global Marketplace (Over 180 global DSPs)
  • Monetize your app with premium programmatic ads
  • Get full insight into bidding analytics
  • All popular AD Units (Banner, Interstitial, MREC, Full-Screen video, Rewarded)
  • Advanced Targeting (APP, Country, Publisher, Device OS, Language, Device ID, Ad Format, Ad Space, Ad Size, GPS Data, Connection Type)
  • Inventory Quality

For connect to the monetization platform, send an email to buyer@mbusarealty.com

  • Expand and optimize your revenue opportunities.
  • Choose the mediation platform with more bidders, more networks, and the largest RTB exchange. We are gives you the most competitive and diverse set of auctions for your supply.
  • Leverage all major ad formats: banner, native, interstitial, and rewarded video for more ways to drive in-app ad revenue on a single platform. Learn what mix of ads is most profitable for your business with our real-time QA and testing tools. Scale ad revenue with more active users.
  • Maximize your marketing and monetization efforts. Trust the platform used by 100,000+ mobile apps to grow your mobile business efficiently.